Do you have generators and/or battery powered equipment?

Yes, Most definitely! We have a 3600 watt Gas powered generator to run a show anywhere. In a field, in the woods, on the beach, no commercial power needed. Just let us know if you need this setup when we quote you. If it is determined you need this setup after your initial quote, additional charges will apply. We also have an all battery powered ceremony system, this is included in any ceremony system quote!

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, Most definitely! We have 3 or 4 different systems in our inventory and have backup plans for EVERY event!

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, all events are contracted to protect both of us.

What are your rates?

Every event is Unique. As such, Prices vary depending on the distance, needs of the client and the complexity of the event. We can say that our rates are usually lower than anyone else's for the same quoted event. If you find this to not be the case, please let us know.

Can I choose my own music?

Yes, as little or as much as you would like.

Will you meet with me?

Yes, as many times as you would like. We can even sign the contract in person if you wish.

If I hire you, what is the process?

It is a 100% online process for your convenience. First, we will send you a contract by email to be signed, we will then send you an invoice by email for the deposit to be paid. Once you sign the contract and pay the deposit, we will sign the contract and email you back a copy. You are now booked for that date. About a month before the event, I will email another invoice for the final balance. You will then have 7 days to pay. Once this is paid, I will set up a pre event planning meeting by telephone about a week before the event to go over the final details.

What if I do not want to do everything electronically?

That's fine too. We can do everything through good old Pen, Paper and Postal Mail. I have paper copies of everything we can do online.

‚ÄčI inquired about a date, now I want to book. How come you are no longer available?

Often, we get several inquiries for the same date. We quote them all. When I get a notification that a client wishes to book that date, I send a contract. Once the contract is sent, the person has 3 calendar days to complete it and return the contract with the deposit. During this time, we have to wait until the 4th calendar day, and if the contract is not returned, then the date can be offered to someone else. This will go in order according to who requested the contract 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Once a contract is signed by both the client and the DJ, and the deposit has been paid, then the date is considered to be booked and no more inquiries will be accepted. We try to notify when a date is no longer available to the ones who inquired, but this isn't always possible. A good rule of thumb is, unless you have returned a signed contract, accepted & signed by the DJ and have paid the deposit, do not plan on the date being yours.

Do you have reviews of your services?

Yes. I am a member of Wedding Wire, The Knot & Thumbtack. There are also testimonials on my website.

Do you provide references?

I understand it is important for you to be sure you are making the right choice, when hiring a DJ. For that reason, I have several testimonials from previous clients that can attest to my quality of service & Professionalism. These testimonials are published on my website and at least 2 other third party websites. To protect the privacy of past clients, it is my policy not to release their personal information to be contacted by prospective clients.

Do you allow requests at my event?

Yes, as long as I have the song. Although, I have thousands of songs in my library, There is a slight chance that the song requested may not be available. Alternately, I also will honor Do Not Play songs and Lists. Just let me know ahead of time.

Do you provide services for the Ceremony & Reception?

Yes, I can provide a separate PA system for ceremony music, with a wireless mic for the ceremony officiant.

Do you put up any banner advertising at my event?

NEVER! Nor will I solicit business at your event. This is YOUR event. I figure if people want to hire me after they have seen me at your event, they will ask you for my info. So rest easy, NO ADVERTISING EVER!

Do you provide Karaoke services?

Yes, Karaoke services can be provided. This may be an extra cost depending on the situation.

Will you use Venue Sound Equipment, Instead of your own if the venue has one?

Possibly. Although our preference is to use our own equipment, We may agree to the use of a venue sound system. If we do, There is a contract rider that would need to be signed, for you to agree not to hold us responsible for any technical issues that may arise through that use. Usually, if we agree to a venue sound system, the cost savings isn't that much compared to just using our system in the first place. For best results, we suggest you allowing us to use our own setup, therefore, allowing for the best possible end product.

What if we hire you, and you can't make it for some reason?

We understand this concern. In all the years I have been in business we have NEVER missed an event. With that said, we understand things can and do happen beyond our control. If this happens. I network with many other local DJ's and we will make EVERY effort possible to provide a replacement DJ at no additional cost to you. If we cannot, you will be refunded ANY monies paid INCLUDING the "Non - Refundable deposit". There is an extremely slim chance that this will ever happen though.

What if you are late to my event?

We understand this concern. In all the years I have been in business we have NEVER been late to an event. With that said, we understand things can and do happen beyond our control. If this happens. We will make EVERY attempt to notify you as soon as we know of a late arrival possibility and give you the reason for the delay and the expected time of arrival. If it delays any of the events planned for the day, we will make an adjustment and refund a portion of the monies for the time of the delay, plus $100. Usually though, we arrive so early that a 10 or 15 min late arrival would not make a difference in delaying any of the scheduled events of the day. We would easily make this up during the setup time and things would start on time just the same.